Residential Construction

Due to the remarkable and provable residential projects across Melbourne that we have managed to be done, we proudly ensure clients providing the best building quality and the highest completion pace on time and budget for building homes whilst utilising cost-effective and also state-of-the-art solutions.

Here is our range of pre-designed homes which you are free to choose one of them for your home design.

Construct Stylish Homes by Choosing a Trusted Domestic Builder

A dream home is where you have to spend your whole life with your loved ones. We are a reputable residential builder in Melbourne for around two decades. AMC VIC HOMES team provide the best quality construction and building services.

Long Industry Experience and Commitment

We have the knowledge and experience of more than 17 years in this field. Our professional team is well-versed with all the construction techniques, software, and tools. Apart from that, our skilled architects draft an appropriate plan for every home. They frame the proper layout before starting to build a home. Also, we help our customer choosing the best inclusions for their home due to their budget.

Custom Domestic Builder

Each client has a different choice from another client. Our professional team consider several things while building a new home such as:

  • Size of the plot or area

  • The budget of the client

  • Arrangement of the rooms, kitchen, backyard and outdoor spaces

  • Availability of different facilities

Reasons to Choose a Domestic Builder and their Services

The first and the most important reason is that our quality homes make us a famous builder in lots of suburbs in Melbourne. There are numerous other reasons to choose our services like:

  • We design your homes in such a way that it receives natural sunlight and circulation of air.

  • We use high standard stone, cement, bricks, and other raw materials.

  • Our professional teams and trades use the latest tools and equipment to build homes.

  • We do the best use of each spot and space of your home utilising one of the lead architects in Melbourne Metro.

  • Although, we offer 8 stages of quality assurance while construction, we use the best building surveyor in our projects.

  • We extend in the small homes and make them spacious.

  • We offer home renovation in Melbourne

Reasonable Rates

Building a new home is becoming quite expensive these days. But we are the affordable custom home builders in Melbourne.  We offer the most affordable packages for every client. See our inclusions. You can select the package as per your need, requirement, and budget. Our team will also help you in finding the best packages.

for good residential builders in Melbourne, call us now !